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We spend most of our time at the working place. That's why we should have fun there. Therefore we need enough space concidering the working time and the breaks in between,a good illumination and airing and enough parking places for bikes and cars.

Therefore we take care of the building condition and draw a precise documentation. Beside that, we analyse the rental contracts and give reference to the market trends.


No matter if a Shopping Center or Regional Mall. We offer a reliable estimation of market rents according to segment specific turnover expectations, examine the suitable mixture of branches and the level of competition.


With a view for the detail as well as the whole issue in equal measure, we assembled a distinguished treasure of experience in the hotel segment.

We classify the operating results in a realistic way within the competitive environment and shape attainable objectives on the basis of a detailed market analysis.

Living & Care

Our living standards are changing. Today we have fast internet connections as well as the optimal way of convenience and low operating expences. Comfort and safety still are at first rank. We know how to combine these aspects and will give you the requirements for the optimal success of your project.

Logistics & Production

Production properties and logistic hubs are the foundations and bridges of the variety of goods in our shops. We know all the basics for the operation of a successful production and logistics location and particularly take care of theoperational and constructional details.

Special properties & Infrastructure

Beside our jobs we like to enjoy leisure activities and follow our hobbies. No matter if museum, university, sports- and leisure facilities or infrastructure - on the basis of manifold projects, we were able to gain all-embracing experience.

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