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In the past 3 years, we conducted:

1,540 valuations

in ten countries (GER, AT, CH, FI, PL, GB, FR, NL, IE, ES)

with a value totaling more than 48 billion Euro.

  • 450 purchase opinions
  • 30 mortgage lending value assessments
  • 10 indications and comments
  • 1.050 regular valuations

We focused on following asset classes:

  • Living
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Hotel
  • Logistics
  • Care
  • as well as special real estate as schools, power plants and production buildings

We acquired special knowledge in:

125 project valuations

with a total project end value of approximately 13 billion Euro,

with a total initial project value of approximately 3.4 billion Euro as well as

3.5 million square meters or rather 354 hectar site area in total. This equals roughly 500 soccer grounds.

Committed to success:

The basic principle is continuous Life Long Learning. Furthermore, we offer apprenticeships for young colleagues and show engagement as lecturers.

We have an outstanding network with qualified and authorized real estate experts and memeberships in prudential investment committees and appraisal panels.

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